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mengke on news Making the Grade: China’s New Foreigner Visa System(17 comments)
Jan 11,2017 10:37

It's clearly not job classification. The class is even written on the new ID card, which it would not be if it is just a job classification. Moreover, the requirements for the classes are all based on "how valuable you are as a person to China". Please note that the evaluation is based on the person and ... Full Comment>>

mengke on news Making the Grade: China’s New Foreigner Visa System(17 comments)
Jan 10,2017 18:08

Not only for teachers, if these numbers are correct, then it will be hard to attract experts in any field. I am an IT professional myself, HSK 5, double M.Sc., and get max score in all categories except university rank (rank 242) and number of years in China. I can never be ranked as class A in a first tier city ... Full Comment>>

mengke on news Making the Grade: China’s New Foreigner Visa System(17 comments)
Jan 09,2017 19:29

So let's see if I get this right: If you are not a graduate of a top 200 university, then you will NEVER be class A when you start to work in China (0-2 years work experience in China)? So PhD, 20+ work experience and top expert in his field, earning 100k+ a month, HSK VI, will still be a class B when starting in ... Full Comment>>

mengke on news The Great Laowai Exodus: Why Foreigners Are Leaving China(158 comments)
Jan 20,2016 21:47

I did not know about these new rules but wow, I am so happy to hear that there will actually be stricter control on English teachers. No offense to all the good teachers out there, I just have come across way too many foreigners with bad English that supposedly are English teachers. In reality, they want a Chinese ... Full Comment>>

mengke on news Losers Back Home? Perceptions of English Teachers in China (96 comments)
Dec 16,2015 23:53

Disregarding the personalities and personal attacks, I actually also find it very disturbing that a person with that bad English skills is working as an English teacher. He / she is teaching Chinese children incorrect English. It is not about being a grammar nazi, it is about taking your responsibility as a human ... Full Comment>>

mengke on news Shanghai #1, Beijing #7: What Are the Happiest Cities in China? (17 comments)
Jul 29,2015 15:27

I'm actually really surprised to not see Chengdu anywhere on the list. I was expecting it in top 5. Full Comment>>

mengke on news Guangxi Kindergarten Shut Down for Christian Curriculum (8 comments)
Jul 23,2015 04:34

One of the great things that China do right. Religious "education" if tenfold worse than any communist propaganda. At least communism is based on an ideology (even though it doesn't work in practice), whereas religion is just fairy tales. Fairy tales has nothing to do in what is supposed to me a scientific ... Full Comment>>


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