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jay0707 on news 7 Things Foreigners in China Should Never Say to a Local(9 comments)
Jun 05,2019 16:08

"Hey workmate, what’s your salary?" ... But EVERY Tom, Dick and Harry (or 'Ying, Yang, Yong') in China has asked me this question for the past 13 years! .... This says SO MUCH about Chinese people: What good for them, is not good for you... A very one-side race of people... And on that note, they will be ... Full Comment>>

jay0707 on news 4 Reasons Why Now is the Best Time to Work in China(4 comments)
Jan 17,2019 22:25

Yada yada yada... And the fact that most of the demographic on this website are looking for a teaching job, because - for one reason or another - they don't / can't / won't do that wonderful profitable 'international business' in China... Even the folk that come out here to do international business, need to be ... Full Comment>>

jay0707 on news An Introduction to Online Dating in China (for English speakers)(4 comments)
Dec 01,2018 20:55

"The ''''Complete'''' Guide to Online Dating in China"... What a load of... While everyone knows that China's Tantan is full of attention seeking teenage girls (and those that think they are still a teen girl), you did not cover ANY of the big gun Chinese dating apps... These include: Momo (214mil users in ... Full Comment>>

jay0707 on news 6 Ways for Foreigners to Make Friends in the Chinese Workplace(5 comments)
Nov 10,2018 13:02

Firstly, I am commenting WITHOUT having read the article... There's a GOOD point in this: To 'Degen' Hill, the author, and whatever your nationality is (sounds like a Chinese using half a Western name)... Mr Hill, I am not a 'foreigner', I am a 'person'. You can call me a 'migrant', call me a 'visitor' or even call ... Full Comment>>

jay0707 on news 8 Western Foods that Chinese People Find Gross(6 comments)
Jul 12,2017 17:52

Curry? ... I know dozens of Chinese that like curry, and that's just in my small circle of associates, over 11 years in China... Depends on the region you're in... I'm also not sure about your 'creamy' pasta take... I think Chinese are learning to 'open up' about food, and not be so quick to put something 'down', ... Full Comment>>

jay0707 on news Budget Shanghai: Living on 10,000 Yuan Per Month(25 comments)
May 19,2017 22:01

There is something flawed about this article... One thing that I can see straight away, is that it's just not practical to real life, as an expatriate.... Let's put it like this: Across Shanghai, there are quite a few supermarkets where the price of UHT/long-life milk is about 9rmb a litre.. That's cheap; most ... Full Comment>>


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