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thabet_sava Aug 15,2016 14:15

Tags: General, Travel, Language & Culture, Expat Rants & Advice, Expat Tales, Lifestyle

After fulfilling the obligations of my teaching for the current school year, I thought that I should seize the opportunity to pay a visit to Montreal, Quebec, my hometown. My main objective was ...

thabet_sava Jul 11,2016 21:49

Tags: Lifestyle, Expat Rants & Advice, Travel, Arts & Entertainment

Lately, I was blessed with the luxury of having a great deal of time on my hands after finishing my teaching assignment for the school year. I thought that I should seize that opportunity to pursue ...

thabet_sava May 23,2016 10:04

Tags: Expat Tales, Expat Rants & Advice, Language & Culture, Teaching & Learning, General

On my way to class, I watched some students pacing back and forth while repeatedly reciting English words in an attempt to memorize their spelling. I could not resist the temptation to stop and ask ...

thabet_sava Apr 15,2016 06:36

Tags: Expat Tales, Expat Rants & Advice, Language & Culture, Teaching & Learning, General

“Give a person a fish and he/she will eat a meal, teaches him/her how to fish, he/she will eat for life”Few weeks ago, I began to contemplate about the above adage when my students expressed ...

thabet_sava Feb 19,2016 06:25

Tags: Lifestyle, Expat Tales, Expat Rants & Advice, Language & Culture, General

As the Year of the Goat came to an end along with the arrival of the Year of the Monkey, I sat down to contemplate about the highlights of the passing year and my hopes and aspirations for the new ...

thabet_sava Jun 20,2015 13:52

Tags: General, Teaching & Learning, Language & Culture, Expat Rants & Advice, Expat Tales, Lifestyle

As my 65th birthday approaches, I have begun to contemplate my life after retirement. The following questions were persistently imposed upon my train of thought.Is 65 the end of the road for my ...

thabet_sava Jun 11,2015 09:31

Tags: General, Arts & Entertainment, Travel, Expat Rants & Advice, Lifestyle

Being an avid traveler, I had the opportunity to visit most metropolitan cities worldwide. After making China my home away from home in 2003, visiting Shanghai, one of my favorite cities, became my ...

thabet_sava Jun 02,2015 07:06

Tags: Lifestyle, Expat Tales, Travel, Arts & Entertainment

After residing in China for the past twelve years, I still dread the arrival of summer due to the fact that I am having an endless struggle with the smart yet aggravating Chinese mosquitoes. ...

thabet_sava May 22,2015 18:27

Tags: Lifestyle, Business & Jobs, Relationships, General

Recently, I had the misfortune of dealing with individuals in the Chinese public sector when my Chinese wife and I went to notarize some documents. I was perplexed and bewildered by the manners in ...

thabet_sava May 22,2015 18:25

Tags: Lifestyle, Expat Rants & Advice, General

Being a Muslim author and educator, I have been. Frequently, asked by some of my students about ISIS and why it is becoming a fixture in the Western as well as the Chinese media. I attempted to ...

thabet_sava May 22,2015 18:24

Tags: Teaching & Learning, Language & Culture

During my more than ten years of teaching experience in China, I noticed that most of my students were facing obstacles in attaining competence in the English language despite studying for more ...

thabet_sava May 22,2015 18:20

Tags: Lifestyle, Travel, Arts & Entertainment

After residing in China for the past twelve years, I had the opportunity to explore the exotic city of Guilin. Actually, it was my second visit to the city. However, during my first visit, I had no ...

thabet_sava May 27,2014 17:37

Tags: Business & Jobs, Language & Culture

I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to reside and teach in China for the past ten years. I had the chance to teach students of all age groups and various educational backgrounds. ...

thabet_sava May 13,2013 22:45

Tags: General, Relationships, Lifestyle

Upon my arrival to the land of glorious history, China, in 2003, I discovered a fascinating phenomenon. Through my teaching assignment, I realized that the ultimate goal of a great number of my ...

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Dear Employer (Making your acquaintances is a delightful experience to say the least), I hope that you are enjoying the exhilarating benefits of excellent health while ...

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