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OwainLW on OwainLW 's blog Forming a Band in China - My Experience(4 comments)
Jul 22,2013 15:00

Named ourselves "Empty Echoes". A bit pretentious sounding I admit! Otherwise we did think of "Stand Firm, Hold the Handrail" - a-la Beijing subway safety announcements, though decided it was a bit long. Full Comment>>

OwainLW on rasklnik 's blog Useful Idiots: Foreigner in China(8 comments)
Jun 03,2013 12:23

Looks like you forgot to add one more category: the jaded grandiose upstarts who think they're above the rest and complain about others they deem inferior as to gratify their own sense of undying insecurity. Full Comment>>

OwainLW on DaqingDevil 's blog Trip to Heming Lake Wetlands Lindian(2 comments)
May 08,2013 17:27

Sounds like a nice place. I should really get out and see northeast China more now that the weather's warming up! Full Comment>>

OwainLW on wjit 's blog Web of Love Ⅰ: A single man's tryst with online dating (1 comments)
Apr 12,2013 10:24

Don't worry too much about social pressures; when the right person comes along they'll come along, there's no need to rush. Just keep at it! Full Comment>>

OwainLW on news 2+2=5: Property Rights in China(4 comments)
Apr 02,2013 08:43

The bloke in the picture looks like Martin Freeman. Great article too by the way. Full Comment>>

OwainLW on OwainLW 's blog Spring Festival Gala – It’s all about the Mishaps(1 comments)
Feb 27,2013 14:49

Sounds fun. I'll have to improve my Chinese and get watching! Full Comment>>

OwainLW on OwainLW 's blog Sandwiched in the Subway: But is Beijing Really that Bad?(4 comments)
Feb 27,2013 14:46

As a Brit, I do indeed have that particular terminology in my literary arsenal, though years of living in countries where underground mass transit systems (there you go another American term for you) are called "Subways" it's become somewhat of a habit. A thousand apologies dearest Carlg. Full Comment>>

OwainLW on news Meet the Chinese Parents: Making First Impressions Count(15 comments)
Feb 01,2013 09:45

Hey Lauxiia, that's a very helpful page and I must say I'm kicking myself now over that haha! Though I did buy the Swiss army penknives at the advice of my girlfriend who remembered her father had said he wanted us to pick one up the next time we were in the UK, so we ended up buying it then. Cheers for the comment ... Full Comment>>

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