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Dental affair

Hamzakhan Apr 22.2015 15:56 Comments (1) + Add your comment
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So i had a tooth ache and it would be my first time to visit a dentist in China, which prompted me to search for locations online. Google didn't help much, rather made the situation more complicated with all the horror stories floating around on the internet. Asking experienced people made me even more anxious, as by judging from their stories it sounded like i will end up spending thousands of yuan just for anything.

Nevertheless, i ended up going to Wuhan University Stomatology Hospital; it looked clean, organized, and huge, with lots of employees Hallmarks of an expense place. On the entrance i was confronted by one of the many receptionists who asked "what's the problem?".  After registering i ended up in a treatment room with at least 6 more pateints being attended to, by a higher number of dentists. It turns out that except for one, the rest of the dentists were just students. I must say at that point i felt like a test subject but with all the ups and downs everything went fine in the end. The wisdom tooth and some carries needed to be removed. The 'students' did a good job and the whole thing cost ony 400 yuan. 

I have spent 4 years in China but the endless horror stories never cease to amaze me. My own thinking 4 years ago, because of the horror stories, was that each and evey vendor, shop keeper, hospital, taxi driver, and just about any business is there to rip me off. This mentality was partly strengthed by the fact that i once bought a coat for 140 kuai at Beijing's Silk Market mall, even though the price tag stated 1200. Still this happened at a place known for its over priced goods and bargain potential. 

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About Hamzakhan

I am a 24 year old Pakistani guy living in Wuhan, and at the moment trying my luck in the Chinese job market. I am a Telecommunications Engineer but interested in Web development as i am familiar with HTML, CSS and JavaScript. I am also an academic essay writer, written over 20 academic essays.

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I am so grateful to hear this. I admit that possible experiences with doctors and dentists are a worry of mine in going to China this fall. Thanks for your post!

Jun 16, 2015 09:27

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