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Coffaholic Oct 22,2013 16:20

Tags: Business & Jobs

In the wake of London Mayor Boris Johnson and Chancellor George Osborne’s highly publicised visit to China last week, much has been written about the UK’s new love for China-centric ...

Coffaholic Aug 20,2013 14:53

Tags: General, Arts & Entertainment

There’s nothing like a bit of people watching especially in China where you see people in so many shapes, sizes and styles. Recently, I scored a few “gems” while watching the ...

Coffaholic Jul 17,2013 15:33

Tags: Language & Culture, Expat Tales

It happened in Pizza Hut (not a proud place to eat in China I know, but…). I was nibbling away on a greasy pizza crust when I got that all-too familiar feeling of someone staring at me. ...

Coffaholic Jul 02,2013 12:17

Tags: Expat Rants & Advice

Lately, I’ve felt a cloud of sadness looming over me. Looking up at the sky, I start imagining how many people are sitting on airplanes flying home right now. I suddenly get a flashback of ...

Coffaholic Jun 27,2013 16:05

Tags: Food

I’m not particularly an adventurous eater, but there are a couple of really weird snacks that I’ve curiously found myself eating, time and time again. Maybe it’s the packaging, or ...

Coffaholic Jun 20,2013 14:22

Tags: Language & Culture, Business & Jobs

So here I was sitting comfortably on my stained sofa in my rented flat in Beijing thinking to myself: “My 5+ years dedicated to learning Chinese will totally pay off, one day.” Then I ...

Coffaholic May 03,2013 11:31

Tags: Lifestyle, Expat Rants & Advice

Summer temperatures are finally starting to engulf the country which means it’s time to start flashing your summer accessories. If you’re wondering where to buy inexpensive ...

Coffaholic May 02,2013 15:10

Tags: Language & Culture, General

In 2009, when Sina Corporation launched the microblogging platform Sina Weibo, no-one could have anticipated that the site, together with smart phone cameras, would become the most potent weapons ...

Coffaholic Apr 27,2013 16:21

Tags: Expat Rants & Advice

It’s a Saturday afternoon and I’m perched in front of my office computer wondering why I’m here. Tomorrow, I’ll also be sitting at my desk "working". No, I’m not a ...

Coffaholic Apr 22,2013 15:25

Tags: Business & Jobs

It may be true that there are fewer jobs in China specifically for expats these days, and it may also be true that the requirements are much higher now than say five or six years ago. However, that ...

Coffaholic Apr 12,2013 15:19

Tags: Lifestyle, Expat Rants & Advice

Since developing an all-out taobao shopping addiction, I’ve learned a thing or two along the way. Initially, I thought buying things on Taobao was as straightforward as finding what you want, ...

Coffaholic Mar 25,2013 15:38

Tags: Expat Rants & Advice, Lifestyle

Prior to arriving in China, I thought I was moving to the shopping paradise of the globe since EVERYTHING has the ‘Made in China’ tag on it. From funky dresses and accessories at Top ...

Coffaholic Mar 21,2013 10:12

Tags: Language & Culture

A hilarious post on WeChat caught my attention recently. Basically, it’s a list of English words, the Chinese meaning, and a list of Chinese words that when put together, sound a bit like ...

Coffaholic Mar 08,2013 16:59

Tags: General, Language & Culture

I’m sure you’ve heard about the horrific murder of the 2-month baby boy in Changchun by now. If not, let me remind you. On Mar 4, Mr. Xu pulled up his car beside his convenience store ...

Coffaholic Mar 01,2013 14:51

Tags: Relationships, Language & Culture, Lifestyle

Most of my male Chinese acquaintances have received sexual services at a bathhouse or brothel at one stage or another in their life. Most of them see this experience as harmless and as something ...

Coffaholic Feb 27,2013 11:52

Tags: Expat Rants & Advice

I have been felt up and touched in unwanted places several times on the subway in Beijing over the years. Sometimes the offence is subtle and I wonder if someone just accidentally brushed off me on ...

Coffaholic Feb 07,2013 14:26

Tags: Arts & Entertainment

I accidently got sucked into the “Voice of China” craze last year while glued in front of a tv set at a friend’s house. I started watching the talent show – which is based on ‘The Voice’ ...

Coffaholic Feb 04,2013 17:25

Tags: Child trafficking

Photo: These asshole child traffickers only represent the tip of the iceberg. Over the weekend I watched an in-depth report about child-trafficking in China, aired on CCTV's news channel. In the ...

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