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PeterReefman on news 9 Important Differences between Foreigners and Chinese(77 comments)
Feb 17,2015 15:06

When reading this, I felt it was more of an educational article to try to teach Chinese to have a more open mind when meeting being with foreigners. Sure it generalises, but I can't understand why so many of the comments here have attacked it as being anit-foreigner, etc. By the way I'm an Australian who's lived ... Full Comment>>

PeterReefman on hi2u 's blog Getting away from it all, how do you do it?(6 comments)
Oct 27,2014 08:38

Nice! Sounds like you're talking about Xichong? I've just moved to Shenzhen (Qinghu, in Longhua district) from Australia, and went for my first surf there yesterday. It was small and onshore, but so so nice to be back in the water. By the way I'm a crap surfer, but love it! Full Comment>>

PeterReefman on sethbarham.esl 's blog I Can't Get Past the Driving(24 comments)
Mar 27,2014 13:57

Two days ago I got picked up by a lovely, well educated young lady in her 2-door BMW, to go out for dinner in a local hot pot restaurant she knew. She systematically did EVERY SINGLE horrific thing mentioned here, expect actually crash or kill anyone. We were talking about flight MH370, and I mentioned that it was ... Full Comment>>

PeterReefman on littlemissmoo 's blog Contact(5 comments)
Mar 27,2014 11:57

I just love your writing littlemissmoo. Keep them coming please Full Comment>>

PeterReefman on PeterReefman 's blog A return to the Middle Kingdom(3 comments)
Mar 27,2014 00:46

Thanks Neha - Nice to get some feedback! By the way, I had my first KTV experience tonight. A lot of fun - but I'm a bit concerned to learn that I knew George Michael's Careless Whispers word-for-word! Full Comment>>

PeterReefman on Neha.p 's blog What it means to be a foreigner in China.(16 comments)
Mar 26,2014 13:55

Nice first Blog Neha! Hope to see many more. My spin on your topic is that as an Australian here mainly on business in the clean-tech industry, my experiences are being given amazing hospitality by host companies and universities. Now on my third trip and with a full-time relocation on my horizon, I'm only just ... Full Comment>>

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