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My Bus Ride Today

rainiersales Mar 30.2015 08:43 Comments (2) + Add your comment
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I took the bus a while ago to go to the office, I always take the bus to the office. There were lots of people and it was raining, but I got a seat at the back because I get on it near where the bus starts so at that time there were not much people yet. I got a seat near the aisle 2 rows at the back near the door. In the middle of the trip near to the office there was a school boy who got on the bus, I knew this because of his school uniform.

Because there was so many people on the bus, people where already packed in and standing, I saw the boy sat on the middle of aisle on the steps going to the back. He was a seat away from me so I figured no need to give my seat because I was a bit far anyway and there were so many people standing.

I think a guy near him was moving around and I think stepped on him, he shouted and cried. I was thinking he should not sit there on the middle of the aisle, for sure he would get stepped on. He was still sitting there sobbing, but no one cared on that bus. All the adults there just glanced and looked away. No one cared or even asked if he was ok. Even the adults right beside him. No one even cared to ask if he was ok.

So I told a guy standing in front of me to tell the boy to stand up and sit on my seat, I figured I was going down anyway soon, another 2 or 3 stops. The boy was still sobbing. So when he got to sit down on my seat, I asked him are you ok, told him not to cry anymore. Then I noticed he was sitting down because he was doing his homework. He was holding a notebook and pen, working on his assignments. I really wanted to cry there already. And then I noticed he was a disabled boy, he has polio, his leg was smaller than the other. I think he was just about 9 years old.

This happened in China. Just about 1 hour from the time I was writing this. I wanted to write it because I felt so sad, I felt so sad for the boy. I will not point fingers but I think this society has gone so cold, that no one even cared about a small boy who is crying and even asked what was happening. Of all the adults in that bus, how come only one person, who is a foreigner had the guts to ask a 9 year old disabled kid if he was ok. It is so sad.

Maybe I have kids so I understand but I think having no kids is a reason not to care.

I will ponder about this and I will tell my friends about this. I have Chinese friends who are great people, but there is a huge problem with the society as a whole. I will translate this article into Chinese and also distribute it my Chinese friends so hopefully they are aware of what is happening to this society.

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I will often give my seat up for those who truly need it. And, if I am already standing, and I see someone who truly needs a seat on a full bus, I make a scene with one person who can afford to stand and get them to give up their seat. If more people lead by example, then, over time, things can and do change. Just look at the "pay it forward" that happens in America. More and more people are beginning to take this as part of their life. So, set the example and do not care if it makes a huge difference now. In time, as more and more people do it, it will catch on.

Apr 08, 2015 10:12

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