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Moonlake on news Foreigner Cheats Qingdao Phone Seller with Fake 800 USD(16 comments)
Jun 28,2013 08:58

What a stupid thing to say. So you condone theft? You're really something! Full Comment>>

Moonlake on Moonlake 's blog A Few Things I Learned from My Chinese Wedding(6 comments)
Jun 28,2013 08:55

That's an incredibly rude thing to say and you are wrong on all accounts. I'm obviously not going to go into details here on this public blog but I can say it was actually more beautiful and upscale (at a 5 star hotel in a major city so screw you!) than I could have hoped for. I presume you haven't got married or ... Full Comment>>

Moonlake on Moonlake 's blog Why I’m Staying in China(5 comments)
Apr 24,2013 11:23

Hi Sunsetlover, Thanks for your comment. I agree with everything you said. China definitely isn't "paradise on Earth" and I wish I didn't have to worry about pollution or toxic veg when cooking. There are a lot of problems here, enough to write a book about in fact, but I guess my main point was that China ... Full Comment>>

Moonlake on Moonlake 's blog Tips for Maintaining Long Distance Relationships in China(17 comments)
Mar 21,2013 09:08

The guy doesn't sound worthy! It's clear that he's not committed to your relationship and is messing with your feelings. The fact that he's asking about your father's job shows that he cares about money and status. My advice is to not waste your time on him and find someone who is absolutely besotted by you and ... Full Comment>>

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