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dhak on juanisaac 's blog A Gao Kao Life in China(6 comments)
Jun 08,2013 11:16

Most of the countries have a previous exam to access university, and depending on your marks you can go to one university or another. The difference is that in China the pressure to go to a good university and be "successful in life" is much higher. Full Comment>>

dhak on OwainLW 's blog Sandwiched in the Subway: But is Beijing Really that Bad?(4 comments)
Feb 25,2013 10:06

Have you taken the Victoria and Central Lines during rush hour? I have seen people fainting on the busy summer days when the temperature reached 40C and they were stuck in a cart without being able to move . And I have also seen some of the exits in Victoria station being closed from time to time because it is so ... Full Comment>>

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