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Bumblebee Jul 09,2013 12:13

Tags: Food

I may make some enemies here but man do I love cheese on my Chinese food. Barbequed mantou oozing with melted blue cheese; dumplings stuffed with beef, onions and cheddar; Xinjiang naan bread baked ...

Bumblebee May 08,2013 15:01

Tags: Health & Environment, Expat Rants & Advice

The last couple of weeks have seen a whirlwind of stomach-turning food scandals come to light. I like to compare China's food safety record to watching a very slow train crash. Slowly but surely, ...

Bumblebee Apr 11,2013 15:44

Tags: Arts & Entertainment

I’m a big Tarantino fan which is why I was so positively surprised by the news that his latest film “Django Unchained” had passed the Chinese censors and was to be screened in ...

Bumblebee Apr 08,2013 11:13

Tags: Expat Rants & Advice, Food

I’ve noticed a remarkable increase in people, mainly foreigners, deciding to become vegetarian in China of late. The number one reason is the fact that they simply don’t trust the meat ...

Bumblebee Feb 17,2013 14:17

Tags: Arts & Entertainment

“Journey to the West – Conquering of the Demons” (西游降魔篇) was this year’s Chinese New Year release, debuting in Mainland cinemas on February10. Directed by Stephen Chow, the film featured ...

Bumblebee Jan 31,2013 11:32

Tags: Beijing pollution

Beijing's hazardous air has been making international headlines. That's no surprise given the fact that PM2.5 readings have spiked well over 500 several times already this month and the elderly and ...

Bumblebee Jan 28,2013 16:23

Tags: Chinese banks

Warning: this is going to be a rant, but one that is entirely justified. As one of the fastest-developing nations in the world with the most millionaires, you would think that by now, China’s ...

Bumblebee Jan 15,2013 12:11

Tags: China subway, China crowd mentality

Before, I always thought the fact that people don't wait for subway commuters to get off first before rushing on, was just blatant stupidity and ignorance. But this view may have been a bit ...

Bumblebee Dec 19,2012 17:47

Tags: Real-name knife system

A good knife makes all the difference in the kitchen. And while living in China, where we really need to push ourselves to actually use our kitchens at all, every little incentive helps. So that's ...

Bumblebee Dec 14,2012 09:52

Tags: snow

I love the snow. There’s something so peaceful and tranquil about a snow-covered city. A sense of quietness and calm seems to accompany the blanket of snow. On days like this I tend to feel upbeat ...

Bumblebee Dec 12,2012 09:52

Tags: inflation

Lately, I’ve caught myself sounding like an elder from my hometown: “Back in my day a loaf of bread only cost 10 pence.” All of us who’ve lived in China for a couple of years are acutely aware ...

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