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Bambou Apr 29.2016 19:36 + Add your comment
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Am a Ugandan. Am a trained teacher. In order to graduate with my first bachelor's degree,I had endured 19 good years in school. In all those years, the medium of instruction was English save for 3 years which was a mixture of my native language and English. But the rest of the rest of the 16 years I spent in school were conducted in English and English only. Let's forget the 3 years in nursery which we don't consider much in Uganda. There are 7 years spent in primary of which at the 7th year,we do the primary leaving examination conducted in English and a PLE Certificate is issued and graded according to how one performed. The PLE certificate admits one to secondary which is subdivided into two;Ordinary level and Advanced level. O level lasts for 4 years of which at the 4th year one does the Uganda certificate of education. As it was the case earlier, a UCE certificate is issued to those who passed and thence admitted to A level. Advanced level lasts for 2 years. This one prepares students for university. At the end of the 2 years,we do final exams known as the Uganda Advanced Certificate of Education. A certificate is again issued and graded accordingly. If one fails this level,he can't be admitted to university. There are some students here,whose grades admit them to university but they should do only degree or diploma or certificate. After that,one joins university and spends there between 3-5 years depending on the course one offered. In all the education cycle,the medium of instruction was English. Exams were done in English. Research was done in English. That was a background check on the education in Uganda. With this,am of the view that English teaching in Asia shouldn't be solely left in the hands of the native English speakers without any training whatsoever but only and only because they hold passports of the native English speaking countries.                                                                                     The sole aim of a teacher is to impart knowledge and skills to learners. All that is learned at the university. Forexample we study psychology, sociology, philosophy and foundations of education. So once a trained teacher is placed in class,he or she can't compare to one who didn't receive any formal training. An example here is, a native of China who never studied Mandarin or Cantonese wouldn't be admitted in an American university to teach Mandarin or Cantonese but rather a foreigner who studied them is best suited for the job. Africa was colonised by Europeans amongst whom included Britain, France, Belgium, Germany and others. All the countries they colonised speak their countries right now. For instance, Uganda was colonized by Britain so we speak English. Algeria was colonized by France so the speak French. Angola was colonized by Portugal so they speak Portuguese and so on. The English even went as far as Asia and colonised Pakistan and India. These countries today form what we call the commonwealth countries in which we pay allegiance to the queen of England. Need I remind you that even Australia is a member of the commonwealth . In synopsis, English teaching shouldn't be a preseve for the native English speakers only.

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Am a 33 year old graduate teacher with an experience of over 8 years. I would like to teach english away from home as a new challenge.

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