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Estonia Girls in China -- A Brave Ziroomer

JulieChow151202 Dec 12.2015 18:27 Comments (1) + Add your comment
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    Gerda, a two-month-old Ziroomer, came afar from the Northern European country Estonia to Shenzhen. As a huge fan of Chinese culture, when asked to describe China's newly rising city Shenzhen, she chooses the word CONTRAST. Gerda grew up in Estonia, once studied in Denmark and Norway and now live in China. If she is to determine where to live in the future, she'd rather be back in Estonia or stay in China.

From the West to the East

(Estonia under the lens of Gerda)

Estonia is a country surrounded by sea, to the east of the Baltic Sea and to the south to the Gulf of Finland. Gerda, a girl born in a coastal land, shares some characters of the sea. She loves taking adventures, travelling around and making friends,and she always adopts an open attitude towards the world.

Gerda says that her hometown is small yet beautiful. In her family, there are older brothers and sisters. Since she decided to study in Denmark, she started a life in a new and different land. Despite her parents' worry, they showed their respect and support to Gerda’s own choice. Maybe in the future, she will settle down in China.

When we meet, Gerda greet me in Chinese “Nihao”. She’s now trying hard to learn Chinese, even though the progress is slow to come. Her major at university is Asian Economy and Culture. During that time, she has developed an interest for Chinese culture. In her view,China today maintains a good combination of modern and traditional sites. Some cities are developing rapidly while the other preserve the original look. This is what exactly attracts her.
Many people believe living abroad is a tough decision as for being away from home and facing language barriers. But Gerda thinks little of it because before she came to China, she already knew something about Chinese culture and there for felt somewhat familiar to this country. What makes her feel even closer to China is her Chinese boyfriend.

A European girl fond of Chinese culture

At first, Gerda was busy with her job in Shenzhen, focusing on foreign trade and exports. Our previous appointments were missed out because of her business trips. When we finally set the date, she just survived from the business issues and had ended her busy days at this company. Right now she is working on her own projects.
She says some people might think it was not right for her to do so, however she has already made her mind to quit it, and she enjoys the freedom of working on her own.She’s got more time to do what she likes—dancing, fencing, travelling, going home and gathering with friends… Gerda really enjoys the moment a lot. We wish her a life made up of the living states she satisfies.

How do you like the coastal city, Shenzhen?

-- Shenzhen is a quite contrast city which endows great natural environment. It refreshes and comforts everyone. Meanwhile, it has some old places, like many other Chinese cities. I have been to many cities in China, among them, I like here the best.

-- What do you like to do in the leisure time?

Generally, I am busy with not much free time. I sometimes go to Hong Kong, other times to Shanghai, or back home in Estonia. Lately I fell in love with fencing as well as dancing.We have a group of friends dancing together regularly.
-- How do you get to find a place like this to live? How do you know it?

I have many Chinese friends. They helped me to find it. We were looking for a place together on internet, and found it from there. This apartment is very conveniently located,it is near to the subway station, I can take metro to the border and the airport any time. The apartment is clean and feels cosy. Thus, I made a quick decision to live here.

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Its always hard to fine the ideal place, but patience is a virtue. Dont settle for anything less than what will satisfy.

Apr 18, 2016 16:03

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