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SpongeBob on SpongeBob 's blog Office Craziness Part II(3 comments)
Mar 07,2017 19:04

Sorry for the spoiler. But check out my coming blog about how sneaky and dark the boss is! Full Comment>>

SpongeBob on news China Expat Stereotypes: What Do People Back Home Think of You?(31 comments)
Jul 18,2016 17:19

That picture is crazy. Full Comment>>

SpongeBob on news Boyfriend’s Mother Mistakes Hickeys for Physical Abuse, Forces Couple Apart (10 comments)
Jul 08,2016 16:21

The girl should kiss the mother goodbye on her neck. YES! Full Comment>>

SpongeBob on news 6-Year-Old Finds 18K at School, Father Refuses to Admit She Brought it Home(11 comments)
Jun 08,2016 11:53

When I was little, my dad warned me to never pick up suspicious bags from the road as they might contain bombs. Now I see, they might not be real bombs in the bag, but certainly something that can trigger the evil in your heart. Less is always more, that's my motto. :) Full Comment>>

SpongeBob on news Qiaobi Manufacturer Apologizes for Racist Ad, Blames Foreign Media for Spreading It (9 comments)
May 31,2016 15:39

What? Qiaobi washing machine? Never heard of the brand but now it is famous all over the world within one night. And you know what? As a marketing expert I can tell you responsively that using anger/shock is a brilliant way for people to remember a brand. Sometimes if you want to achieve things that no one can ... Full Comment>>

SpongeBob on SpongeBob 's blog Dating is hard, especially if you are dating a Chinese maniac(8 comments)
May 14,2016 23:24

Spider, I have already moved on. I feel sincerely sorry for all that I have done to you in the past. Since you no longer matter, I might just as well tell you this: 1. You told me, not my colleague your contact info and phone number yourself, if you don't remember it, think of girls you told your contact numbers to. ... Full Comment>>

SpongeBob on SpongeBob 's blog Dating is hard, especially if you are dating a Chinese maniac(8 comments)
Apr 21,2016 09:23

thanks. i'm probably just high in drama. :P Full Comment>>

SpongeBob on news Train Marshal Fired For Possessing Porn, No Evidence of Drugging Found (6 comments)
Apr 20,2016 10:11

the story made my eyes wet. Full Comment>>

SpongeBob on news Beijing Man Dies from Overwork. Company: He was Watching Porn(13 comments)
Mar 10,2016 18:30

1. 100 consecutive days at work. 2. Porn watching, masturbated in the office 4 times in a role, MESSAGED HIS WIFE and became unconscious. 3. There was a camera recorded all these, didn't he know there was a camera? 4. Died 7 days later. 5. The guy was in beijing, wife was in tianjin. Questions I want to ask here: ... Full Comment>>

SpongeBob on news Mothers in China Delay Births to Avoid Leap Year Babies (8 comments)
Mar 01,2016 12:01

I'm Chinese and i've never heard of those things. delaying birth to avoid birth on 29th Feb, avoiding to have babies on the year of goat and so on. This foreign forum has opened my eyes on stereotypes about china. This sounds more like made up BS. No one really cares about those shit.If you believe it, you are just ... Full Comment>>

SpongeBob on news Apple Headquarters Design Eerily Similar to that of Shandong Office Park (12 comments)
Dec 23,2015 00:23

If it's anywhere else, I'd say no, but Shandong? That's where all the smartest and coolest Chinese are from such as me. So sure, Apple's copying. In fact, Apple's copying the large samsung phone since steve jobs' gone and slapped their own face with the size which they were once proud of, and i guess the new CEO is ... Full Comment>>

SpongeBob on news Budgeting in Beijing: Living on 10,000 Yuan per Month(41 comments)
Nov 12,2015 10:44

As a Chinese person, I think 10000 is just acceptable. Full Comment>>

SpongeBob on SpongeBob 's blog Mr. Xi Zhi(2 comments)
Nov 04,2015 16:43

SpongeBob on news Kindergarten Teacher Shares Naked Pictures of Her Students with Friends Online(17 comments)
Oct 22,2015 13:54

Well, I'm Chinese and I've experienced this myself in school. 1st grade of primary school where female math teacher would torture boys' P**s for not finishing homework in front of everyone. Full Comment>>

SpongeBob on news British Conservatives Encourage Citizens to “Work Like the Chinese” (22 comments)
Oct 10,2015 10:06

Do they mean dress in flipflops and swimming pants at work. Full Comment>>

SpongeBob on news Update: Sketchy Qingdao Shrimp Stall Shuttered, Owner Disappears (7 comments)
Oct 09,2015 17:18

this is when a bit of kongfu should be involved. Full Comment>>

SpongeBob on news Man Kneels in City Square in the Rain Asking for Wife's Forgiveness(8 comments)
Aug 18,2015 10:40

SpongeBob on news Track and Field Star Liu Xiang Announces Divorce(11 comments)
Jun 26,2015 10:45

After I saw her pretty face, I immediately searched what she looked like before her plastic surgery. The result was not too disappointing.:D Full Comment>>

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