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My Teaching English experience in Thailand and Cambodia

samantizo47 Mar 27.2015 17:29 Comments (1) + Add your comment
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The thought of teaching English never hit my mind until i got stranded for money in Bangkok. The  next thing that hit my mind was okay let me go to a bar or restuarant where there is loads of people, really i felt lost and stranded but since i always trave l alone it really was nothing big to fear. I go into this bar and guess what i start looking for customers to Teach English over a drink and guess what i got like two customers that day in the bar and i looked up into the sky and said thank you Lord i really needed this. I charged 250 bhat per hour and i mean that in Thailand can feed you enough for to or three days especially if you kno how to eat like the locals. As my days p assed i got more and more time slots to teach different customers in the Bars over a drink that might sound crazy but for me it did work out it actually saved me. I began to clock in like three thousand bhat a day from teaching private lessons in the bar, not that i am heavy drinker just one beer would be enough and my customers would enjoy my lessons as i prepared different lesson plans for them. Yeh 3000 bhat per day that like 100 USA dollars a day in Thailand and Cambodia thats big money. I could pay my rent and eat nicely plus entertain myself at the end i could spend freely. The experience was amazing and yes i do say to all you teachers out there that in life there is always a way. Now i have not been working since i returned to my country Zimbabwe. The thing that worried me was why would Thai Schools only want to employ American or British English Teachers the thing is these people have not come to know that countries like Zimbabwe and South Arfrica and quite a number of African states speak fluent English because this is they native language and they are British Colonies most of our parents are of British decent, but hey do not be put off if you not an American or British or what ever nation they look for, you can teach private lessons to kids and individuals you go out and look for your customers. Recently Thailand is changing they are no looking at employing you as long as in your country your first language is English. So remember do not give up you will find something. I will be heading back there soon if i do not manage to secure a position in China. I was married to a Japanese so i taught English also to Japanese students at my house in my country. If nothing works i will venture into Japan and try my luck there i supposse you need guts to do all this and i tell you that i have the biggest guts nothing ever frightens me. So heres to you new people out there it will not be roses and wine always but there are ways you just need to be the go getter type and you should be fine. Thailand is a wonderful country so is Cambodia after the war things are looking bri ght now is the time if you want to open an English school or buy property there now is the time things will get better as we know Asia is now one of the fastest developing countries in the world. If i had money i for sure would start my own English School well unfortunatley i do not have that kind of money. So here is my ending note to you never give up there is hope out there for all English Teachers as long as you have the patience and the never give up attitude you will be okay, so look for different ways there is always a way.

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About samantizo47

I am a very honest and very loving person. I can get on with just about everyone. I am what one would call a happy person, nothing gets me down for too long. I am a go getter type and i love challenges. I love traveling and just been out doors sometimes but i love kids very much.

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This is a great post, and you are an amazing and brave adventurer! Thanks for the encouragement! This kind of tale is one of the things I enjoy most about China!

Jun 16, 2015 09:33

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