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easyteaching on news The Times They are A-Changin': Eight Years in China(31 comments)
Jun 22,2016 14:30

13 years later and happy playing the law of the land which is "stick and move" its a "big big world" guys so do a paradigm shift swing from the trees to survive Full Comment>>

easyteaching on news 5 Tips for Succeeding in China’s Changing Job Market(42 comments)
May 09,2016 22:31

All budui reporting 1. Expect to be in a "developing work environment" 2. Expect reasonable pay but watch out for sneaky agents or big training centres trying to be cheap but there are others jobs that pay quite well about 2k average for china for a stable easy job 3 4 5 all not necessary with my 13 years ... Full Comment>>

easyteaching on news Simplifying the Art of English Writing(19 comments)
Apr 19,2016 11:59

This "recommendation" is a major budui and not simplified! The answer is simpler... just teach inductively. As with any unskilled group of learners, you teach by having them doing it or showing examples guiding their writing. Then the teacher corrects them so that they can learn. Of course, the instruction ... Full Comment>>

easyteaching on news Shanghai Police Publicly Shame 12 Jaywalkers, List Includes 4 Foreigners (14 comments)
Apr 19,2016 11:41

Foreign jaywalkers deserve 100 lashes with a wet noodle and take away their dvd player! Full Comment>>

easyteaching on news McDonald’s to Sell All Stores in Hong Kong and China (10 comments)
Apr 15,2016 19:49

OMG! first they replace the English teachers with locals... and now they replace the hamburgers with... Full Comment>>

easyteaching on news China’s English has Recently Gotten Worse: What Happened?(66 comments)
Apr 01,2016 10:07

No one is talking about the failures of the English training centers to do as advertised. :-) Full Comment>>

easyteaching on news Online Learning in China: The Future of Education or an Unregulated Nightmare?(8 comments)
Apr 01,2016 10:04

Exactly, I want to know too. Full Comment>>

easyteaching on news The Relationship Minefield: 4 Challenges for Multicultural Couples(120 comments)
Feb 29,2016 11:15

If you have these issues as the author points out, then you have some serious issues and personally inept in 2016. Nowadays girls are more open-minded (perhaps too much, haha) and don't follow that paradigm completely. You need to find the right girl that's all. You got to find one that is down-to-earth. The bigger ... Full Comment>>

easyteaching on news 5 Reasons I am back in China: Reverse Culture Shock is Real(63 comments)
Dec 16,2015 17:06

Hit the nail on the head! Full Comment>>

easyteaching on news American Teacher in Zhejiang has a Creative Method to Stop Cheating in his Class (9 comments)
Nov 24,2015 10:46

This another example of a foolish teacher joining the insanity by his zealousness easily showing the circus to all. haha Full Comment>>

easyteaching on news Insider’s Guide to Teaching English in China(29 comments)
Nov 11,2015 09:14

This is a good example of the common teacher's thinking in China. Haha! In 12 years, I have never applied such misconceptions or silliness. The truth is that learners of any age want useful/practical knowledge then you will see that all will speak eagerly. Full Comment>>

easyteaching on news Kindergarten Accuses Parents of Libel for Complaining about Russian ESL Teacher(66 comments)
Nov 07,2015 10:07

The truth is: 1) 95% of the teachers are not suitable to be teachers; 2) only 10% of native or non English speakers can really communicate anyway; and 3)the teaching places big or small are money grubbing machines without academic background or customer service concern. Full Comment>>

easyteaching on news Dealing with Negative Stereotypes of Cross-Cultural Dating(179 comments)
Nov 02,2015 10:15

I think the real problem here is his poor writing, as the computer adage goes..."garbage in, garbage out" (thinking). Full Comment>>

easyteaching on news Dealing with Negative Stereotypes of Cross-Cultural Dating(179 comments)
Jun 03,2015 23:52

Y E S C H I N E S E G I R L S A R E A L L F U L L O F H E A R T ! :-| Full Comment>>

So true, he knows the game, you just don't know who is zooming who is zooming who in china Full Comment>>

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