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Early Morning Rant About Beijing Taxi Drivers

Bumblebee Dec 14.2012 09:52 Comments (1) + Add your comment
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I love the snow. There’s something so peaceful and tranquil about a snow-covered city. A sense of quietness and calm seems to accompany the blanket of snow. On days like this I tend to feel upbeat and positive about the world and mankind.Well, that all changed this morning when I encountered an [insert swear word beginning with ‘a’ here] taxi driver outside my compound. Everyone struggles to get to work on time on days like this. Buses run slower than usual, drivers ditch their cars in favor of taking the subway causing a huge surge in crowds and there’s a peculiar lack of taxis on the roads. We can all sympathize withe ach other on days like this and I feel an unusual sense of solidarity for my taxi hailing competitors.

If a taxi driver chooses to take the day off due to safety concerns that is absolutely understandable and I respect his/her decision. If a taxi driver decides to work however, but is not willing to turn on the meter and charge extortionate prices for a 10 kuai trip, then my blood starts boiling. This is exactly what happened this morning. You can’t image the sense of victory and accomplishment I felt when after waiting for a mere 10 minutes outside my compound, I managed to flag down a vacant taxi. But the joy was short lived. The driver wanted 40 kuai for a trip that normally costs me a maximum of 15 kuai. In the spur of the moment I only managed to mutter the words “怎么回事” before slamming the door in disgust. Afterwards, I was agitated at myself for not using more harsh words to express my dismay.


Greedy,compassionless people like him are what give China a bad rep. He is no different than the ruthless taxi drivers who charged people extra during the deadly floods in July; he is the type of person who would charge money before helping a person in need; he is the type of driver who switches real 100’s for a fake note; if he were an official he would be the type to use cheap material to build a kindergarden; he is scum. For him, the most important thing in the world is a pesky piece of pink paper, so despite my anger, I can only feel sorry for him as he clearly has his priorities in the wrong place. He wil lnever be happy as he will never feel that sense of worth you get who you do agood deed. One day, he will lie in his coffin of crumpled 100 notes wondering what the point of his life was.

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they have a long way to go

Feb 08, 2015 20:30

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