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2015 July: prediction and analysis of the cargo market is still not optimistic about the prospects

goodhopefreight Jul 04.2015 23:17 Comments (1) + Add your comment
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Into July, China's export container market is not expected to heat up. What the two main container freight routes alternately in free fall, so this year the shipping company emergency purse.
On course, the recovery of the U.S. economy is better than the rest of the world, but a number of important economic indicators of weak or unable to bring more confidence in the market.
Markit6 September 23 released data show that in June, the US manufacturing sector purchasing managers index (PMI) initial fell to 54.4, October 2013 to lowest, depressed June PMI data increased in the third quarter, lose the possibility of growth momentum, the slowdown is the main cause of is many manufacturers as the dollar strengthened and the loss of competitiveness lead to deterioration in the export. U.S. Commerce Department data released in June 23rd showed that the seasonally adjusted, the United States in May the United States plant durable goods orders for $228900000000, a decline of 1.8%. Corresponding to the United States in May personal spending rose 0.9%. This suggests that low oil prices boost consumer spending, while also driving down the overall economy, especially in the industry.
Routes, the Pacific route market volume performance is smooth, but due to the peak season is not obvious, the lower the ship's market expectations, resulting in lack of confidence in prices. The future market price level is expected in July 1 for $1400, $2900 in eastern spain. TSA carrier to absorb the full price in June 48 hours that fell back to the prototype of the painful lesson, the price performance of small moderate rise. Due to the beauty of the tariff lines already fell to a four-year low, vertical drop stunned the market, but also reduced the shipping company to freight rate further erode the patience. Initially expected, this year, the price will be more successful in July. At the same time, once the volume of the momentum of the season, the July 15th peak season surcharge is not impossible to push up. The next two weeks, the volume of routes and loading conditions, is a matter of great importance. Recently the United States line management effect and contusion of unfavorable momentum of the ice fall into the westbound route. Due to the effect of exchange rate, reduce the export volume, annual agricultural products in the United States because of the loss of the terminal congestion problem to the other competitors in the world share does not seem to retrieve, and the inland transportation difficulties that exports one disaster after another. Under a variety of factors, at present beautiful line of business, though still preserve decent, but the future is difficult, unless there is a major turning point in markets, will be difficult to reproduce last year a thriving of brilliant scene.
The European routes, European economic improvement still said of an aged person. After the bursting of the bail-out negotiations with international creditors, composed of representatives of banks, regulators and government tripartite Greek financial stability Council in June 28, later decided to impose capital controls, and announced on July 5th to referendum situation decided whether by a quasi signed with international creditors of financial assistance programs. Greece has been pushed to the edge, once a Greek debt default and exit from the euro zone, so the process of integration of the euro will be regarded as is reversible, promote the European integration of economic power will be reversed, then each a crisis may be fatal.
Container market, European lines are also forced to fight to win or die of despair. G6, O3 alliance has been determined to cut capacity, O3 Union has decided to withdraw the 3 companies will be launched by the end of this month, the Far East - Nordic online deployment of one of the 4 service routes. This route service was originally expected to last 12 weeks, if the market does not improve, then suspended for 3 months. O3 alliance to withdraw from the European route on the capacity of 20% is equal to 4% of the market share in the route. Maersk and other companies also fear in Europe line high capacity layout will allow full year earnings play ducks and drakes reality, multiple force Qi under painstaking effort finally make Europe line to pick up. Coupled with the end of concentration effect shipment and July GRI expected, the mainstream price finally stabilized stabilized. For July GRI, most of the ship's price will significantly stronger than in the past, from the point of view of the announcement of the July tariff generally at around $1100.
Marine network free Disclaimer: this news department reprinted from other media, shipping network posted this article for more information, does not mean that agree with their views or confirm the description. The content of the article is for reference only and does not constitute investment advice.
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more like spam than a blog.

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